Spirit Expressions

It’s All in the Family


You’ve heard it said that you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. It’s true, of course, at least in this human dimension. Family is defined by bloodlines, and they are determined before we’re even born.


But in Truth we aren’t defined by our blood. We are defined by our Spirit. And as spiritual Beings, we are unlimited – we can create whatever we choose to believe. So yes, we can easily choose a family – and we do, often. Friendships are generally one-on-one relationships; families (ideally) are interconnected, intricately intertwined, with shared stories, jokes, memories and meals that would never be as significant to ‘outsiders.’


We all need this sense of family – maybe several of them -- as our lives unfold. Our family of origin may, or may not, be one. And we seem to be giving ourselves increased latitude in when and how we create ‘family’ in other parts of our lives. Traditional, spiritual, social network – all sorts of families are interacting in and through us as we joyfully set about the work of remembering and expressing our spiritual Truth


That essential work really requires a variety of families. It’s easy to take them for granted, but we shouldn’t. As I’ve had reason to appreciate lately, our Spirit-centered families of all shapes and sizes offer an astonishing range of light, love and laughter through the challenges of this human experience.


I AM grateful today for the families in my life – all the loving, supportive and sometimes challenging people who enrich my spiritual journey in so many ways.

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