Spirit Expressions

A Sense that Something’s Coming

  The energy of Advent encourages us to both appreciate the path that has led us to this moment, and to embrace the restlessness that is moving us forward toward a new expression of our innate divinity. Through these four weeks leading up to Christmas each of us can most clearly identify with Mary. We don’t really understand what’s being asked of us, or what new experiences lie ahead. We only know that everything we’ve experienced in the past has been leading us to this moment, and has created in us a restlessness that calls us insistently forward.

Advent, then, is a process of pregnancy. We are asked to give birth to an expanded expression of our innate Christ nature, and then to nurture that new expression through whatever lies ahead. No wonder the holiday season is exciting, scary and challenging, all at the same time.

Today I feel within me the invitation of Gabriel, the spiritual guide within me. I know that I am called to take another step forward on my personal path, and that the strength, love and guidance I need will always be present.


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