Spirit Expressions

The Process Is the Purpose

So here I sit, integrating a new left hip into my overall Being. There’s pain involved, and a lot of awkwardness, and more reliance on others than I’m really comfortable with. I’m willing to go through the process, I guess, but I want to get to the end of it quickly. I don’t want to be healing, I want to be healed! And yet I have to admit that the process itself is proving to offer rich rewards. It’s nice to end each day grateful for small but tangible improvements. Allowing others to help creates a warm energy of loving and feeling loved. And being forcefully slowed from the usual pace of life today is not a bad thing.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that we are always in process as we move through this mortal experience. We are spiritual Beings, eternal and complete. No healing needed. No needs to fulfill. We are here in human form to allow our innate perfection to express, choice by choice, transformation by transformation, healing by healing. We’re here to create and experience a process of change. Goals—healings, abundance, relationships—serve to guide us, but the human joy and spiritual achievement lie in appreciating the process.

Today I allow my spiritual Being to show me the rich and joyful flow of infinite energy, of which I AM an essential part. I move forward to make choices and experience change, because that is precisely why I’m here.

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