Spirit Expressions


If you fill a room with grandfather clocks, set their pendulums moving, each at a different time and rhythm, leave and return some time later, you will find that all the pendulums are now swinging in the same rhythm. This phenomenon is known as entrainment. It reflects the fact that the universe seeks to use its energy efficiently and in unity wherever possible.  

Left to its own devices, our own spiritual energy expresses as entrainment as well. We will find ourselves in synch with the world around us in an energy infinite love. This is why Jesus always placed a great emphasis on the activity of the heart. Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself – the two great commandments—center us in entrainment - an efficient, unified energy of tremendous spiritual possibility.


In releasing fear and surrendering to the entraining power of love, we allow a great new energy of peace and possibility to express within and around us.


Today, I AM a perfectly entrained expression of infinite love.

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