Spirit Expressions


  “God is guiding me and showing me the way,” is an affirmation I’ve often used moving forward on a spiritual path. But it’s an affirmation I’m learning to move beyond. I can delay making choices that are mine to make with the excuse that I’m waiting for God’s guidance. I can ignore my own clear spiritual perceptions because I’d have more confidence in guidance from beyond.


The truth is, the infinite Power we may (or may not) call God expresses through us and as us, and it is then up to use to be the Power in action. It’s the difference between being open to the Divine and being the Divine.


And it’s not new news; it can be traced at least back to the prophet Jeremiah, calling the reluctant Hebrew people to return to their own land after their exile in Babylon. The prophet describes a new approach, a new relationship that carries us beyond blind obedience to absolute law imposed on everyone equally. “’I will put my law within them,’ says the Lord, ‘and I will write it upon their hearts.’’ (Jeremiah 31:31).


We can wait and wonder, cast charts, read horoscopes,– but the answer, the guidance we seek, lies in only one place in all creation. It lies at the heart of our being, to be heard clearly only when we are willing to be silent, be still, and indeed, to simply Be.


Today I AM still and centered, no matter how busy my life may seem. In the Silence I hear the quiet guidance of God. I feel it, I know it, I surrender to its creative power.

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