Spirit Expressions

Beyond the Dome

It was commonly believed in the early years of the Christian Era that the sky was a dome over the earth, and on the other side of the dome was heaven. Everything that imperfectly existed here on earth had its equivalent, but perfect, counterpart in heaven. When the kingdom of heaven arrived, therefore, everything on earth would be replaced by its perfect heavenly counterpart.  

Our worldview – and space view – today is, of course, far more advanced. Yet the spiritual implications of that 2,000-year-old understanding are still resonant today.  This world that expresses according to our faith is an imperfect realization of spiritual perfection.

Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven is within. In other words, that perfect ideal exists not above the sky, but in our spiritual consciousness, as the divine energy that is the essence of our being. Its expression as the kingdom of heaven requires our conscious participation in the creative world of Spirit.


Today, I relax my resistance and allow the kingdom of heaven to express through me into the world around me.  I AM the kingdom of heaven, and I both experience

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