Spirit Expressions

Playing by the Rules

  We’ve all been told since kindergarten that nothing is more important than playing by the rules. We carry that instruction with us, consciously or not, throughout our lives. No gain really matters, no achievement will be recognized, if it isn’t a result of playing by the rules.

Spiritual fulfillment, however, requires more of us than playing by the rules. It asks us to carefully use the rules as we move on to discover and embrace everything we have come into human form to accomplish. And we are assured that, as infinite spiritual beings, we are lacking nothing, including the spiritual awareness and guidance that helps us move forward. As Paul realized about Jesus, awakening to our spiritual depths, which Jesus described as the Christ, means that we transcend the law. We can no longer judge ourselves—or each other—according to whether we have ‘played by the rules.’

This does not mean that we are free to break the rules with a kind of spiritual impunity. Human laws are essential to maintaining our human experience. It's the difference between allowing ourselves to feel limited by pre-existing laws and using those laws as guides to finding our own personal spiritual path.

Today I am grateful for all the rules and laws that help to guide my choices. And I am grateful for the clear and loving voice within me that guides me beyond all limits into new dimensions of possibility.

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