Spirit Expressions


“Do you not know,” Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “that you are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?” This understanding of God as a Spirit dwelling within us is an important and challenging step on our spiritual journey.


If God’s Spirit dwells in us, then we need to re-evaluate our attitude toward ourselves. If we are God’s temple, then we must, in fact, be the Power and Love that we define as God. Any sense of sickness, weakness or limitation can only be error thought. And error thought must inevitably melt in the warmth of the divine Presence we are.


For too long we have kept ourselves in comfortable denial of ourselves as unique expressions of the divine, and of our central role in the energy of creation. We’ve tried to sit on the sidelines, feeling ourselves victims of forces we cannot control or change.


We are not victims. We may block and deny any awareness of the Presence within, but that Presence is so, with or without our acknowledgement. Our choice is simple: to resist the inner knowing that guides us on our spiritual path, or to surrender to that knowing, allowing it to unfold ever greater wonders in our lives.


Today I surrender to my innate divinity, expressing as perfect love, abundance and possibility. I AM grateful for the spiritual path that lies before me.

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