Spirit Expressions


I’m not sure why we collectively choose to ignore the deep and powerful spiritual energies expressing at this particular time of year. In pretty much every cultural and religious tradition on the planet these days—roughly halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice—are recognized as a time to both appreciate the richness of life and to remember, in loving and positive ways, the certainty that our mortal lives will end. In several cultures it is believed that the spirits of all those who have died in the past twelve months have one last opportunity to express themselves to those they left behind, before moving on to their next spiritual experiences. I imagine this is the root source of what Catholics celebrate as All Soul’s Day, observed on November 2. That’s rich stuff! But we’ve collectively decided to lighten things up to the point of jokes and caricature. We dress our kids (and pets!) in costumes to confuse the spirits; perhaps we disguise ourselves as well and celebrate with parties and candy. The most assertive thing we do is altert time by moving our clocks back an hour, just because we can.

Surely it’s possible to join and enjoy the party atmosphere of Halloween and, at the same time, embrace the weekend’s shadows with equal love and appreciation. I would suggest a meditative focus that allows us to claim all the rich energies available.

We begin by recognizing that no matter where each of us may be on the spiritual journey that challenges and delights us, we have not reached today’s perspective alone. Many people—family, friends and supporters, as well as challengers and apparent foes—have played important roles in our expanding awareness. Some of them have left this mortal plane before we had a chance to thank them for the roles they played. The energy of this weekend allows us to focus on appreciating those special people as the spiritual beings they truly are. Will it affect them? I think so. Will it enhance your own journey? Absolutely!

Centered in infinite Light, I send appreciation to all those spiritual beings who have played important roles on my spiritual journey, as I have played in theirs. I see us all free from any mortal limitations, and I look forward to whatever interactions lie ahead as we continue on our individual paths

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