Barbara Marx Hubbard, in her book entitled Revelation, writes, “The memory of immortality is in every cell of your body.”  

This is an important realization in our spiritual unfoldment. It affirms that we don’t have anything to learn; we have only to remember.


Most of us have bought and read countless books, attended many workshops, trying to find a secret – an answer that we could learn and use to transform our lives. Certainly there are always more books available, and new workshops being offered each year. They can all be important and useful – but only as tools that help us remember our own innate power.  If we become overly focused on the tools, we may find ourselves permanently running in place, tantalized but frustrated in our search for the secret.


Or we can relax and simply be where we are, knowing that we already know. We don’t need to learn; we need to remember. Our immortal spirit, our divine Beingness, is a part of our every cell; it is the very DNA of our being. We don’t need to seek. It is our very essence, eager to transform our human lives into experiences of the kingdom of heaven.


Today, I choose to remember my true divine identity. I AM centered in that memory, eager to discover how it is meant to express through me today. 


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