We are spending a few days appreciating that most familiar of Bible passages, Psalm 23.  And we’re using the King James Version because it is the most familiar and, I think, the most beautiful.  It reminds me that the initial purpose of the KJV was not to be read (the literacy rate was quite low), but to be heard.  When the translators nervously presented parts of their work to the king, they were always read aloud, since that is how most people would experience them.  

“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. Thou anointest my head with oil. My cup runneth over.”


It is always wonderful to feel appreciated, to feel special. And in this human experience, there are certain times when such appreciation is especially important. Many of our favorite stories and films culminate in a scene in which the triumphant hero or heroine confronts his or her enemies — wicked stepsisters, plotting politicians, evil officials, whoever the apparent enemy might happen to be. We love such vindication stories, and we love to experience the same energy in our own lives.


Once we have remembered and released the Presence of God within ourselves, all of life becomes an expression of wonderful new possibilities. Our old enemies of doubt, fear, limitation and disease do not have to be conquered. They are simply dissolved in the Presence, the demonstration of God’s abundance. Suddenly the universe honors and delights us and our cup runneth over with an abundance of Love.


I AM profoundly grateful for the good expressing in my life today, and for the demonstrations of love and abundance I will enjoy today, in the face of all negative energies.


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