Spirit Expressions

With My Luck…

   One of the most challenging obstacles on our spiritual journey – and one of the most dangerous – is the temptation to see ourselves as victims.


The truth is, we often love being victims.  We’re very good at it, because we’ve had so much practice!  According to the standards we once lived by, the greatest of life’s achievements was to adopt a highly cynical, perversely funny attitude toward the inevitability of our next victimization.


“With my luck…” we would say almost proudly.  With my luck, the worst will happen.  I expect it, I accept it; after all, I;m a victim!  Many of our most popular stand-up comics have been masters at this whistling-by-the-graveyard kind of victim humor.


We have expended great creative energy in imagining the worst that could happen so that we could later say, with the biblical Job, “That which I greatly feared has come upon me.”


But we have grown in awareness.  We have come to understand so much more about the power of our own thoughts to create that which we call the ‘real world.’  Even to ‘jokingly’ give power to a negative statement of low self-worth or inevitable bad luck is to bring that negativity into our lives.


Today I keep my thoughts and statements positive and affirming—particularly thoughts and statements about myself.  I give thanks as my life is filled with ever more joy and abundance.  Thank You, God for my newfound awareness of your creative Power working through me.


On a personal note, I will have the great joy and honor this afternoon of officiating at the wedding of two good friends and very special people, Andrea Paquin and Elise Arseneau.  I invite the worldwide Daily Focus community to join me in enfolding their sacred union in an energy of infinite Love.

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