Spirit Expressions

Ready or Not!


God is guiding me and showing me the way, preparing me for any change that life may present.


This is an important affirmation for many people today who are experiencing a sense of impending change in some area of life – or in every area of life!  It’s very comforting to know that divine Power is guiding and preparing us for whatever may unfold.  That comfort, however, can sometimes seem maddeningly elusive.


Have you ever been aware that a new direction was at hand in your life, new choices are to be made, new guidance is needed – and at the same time found yourself unable to define or recognize precisely what is expected?  It can be frustrating! How radical is the change to be?  What new choices should I make?  How does the general sense of change translate into the specifics of my life?  And above all, where will I find the guidance I need


As with many of our self-created crises, the answer is much simpler than the question.  It’s most clearly stated in the writings of the prophet Jeremiah.  Through the prophet, the Lord describes a new approach, replacing the former standard of blind obedience to the law for all the people.  “I will put my law within them,” says the Lord, “and I will write it upon their hearts (Jeremiah 31:33).”  We can prowl and wonder, cast charts, read horoscopes, write to Dear Abby, but the answer, the guidance we seek, lies in only one place in all creation. It lies within us, available once we still the busy-ness of mind and focus on the quiet energy of our hearts.


Today, I AM quiet centered and focused to receive the guidance of Spirit.  I hear the guidance, I feel it, I know it – in the energy of my own heart. 

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