Spirit Expressions

Dissolving Everything

There’s an old joke about a man who invented a universal solvent – it would easily dissolve anything.  It could have made him a rich man, but he couldn’t find anything to put it in.  

There is a universal spiritual solvent, and it doesn’t have to be contained in anything, although we sometimes act like it’s a dangerous poison or destructive acid.  The universal spiritual solvent is – forgiveness.


Forgiveness dissolves every obstacle to a full realization of our Oneness with God.  We may perceive the obstacles as anger, fear, resentment, unworthiness – or as the result of wrongs done to us by others.  In every case, without exception, the correct solution is forgiveness – of others, and of ourselves.


Jesus Christ was emphatic in his teachings on the power and importance of forgiveness from the very earliest days of his ministry.  He warned that even the power of prayer would not work effectively until we had first been willing to forgive any resentments we might hold against others.


Forgiveness is more than a mental exercise.  It is an activity of the heart.  Forgiveness recognizes that there is no evil; there is only Good imperfectly expressing.  Forgiveness dissolves all obstacles, and joyfully unites us in the Presence and Power of Love, which is God working in and through us.



Today I free myself from the weight of anger, judgment and resentment toward myself, toward life, and toward others.  I gladly forgive where forgiveness is needed.  I see myself and others as whole and perfect expressions of Divine energy.

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