Spirit Expressions


I am in my right and perfect place for today!  And I recognize that you are in your right and perfect place for today.  

What a rich and wonderful gift it is to be free of any anxiety about missed opportunities or paths not taken.  If I am not content with where I am in life today, I can change it.  But spiritual change doesn’t come from a sense of failure, fear or mistaken judgment.  It must be rooted in a sense of appreciation -- the key that opens the doors of new possibilities.


Like Joseph in his Egyptian prison cell, we may be tempted to feel that God – or life – is treating us unfairly.  But Joseph resisted the temptation.  He appreciated his prison experience by making the most of every opportunity to help others and to find a positive energy in what could easily have seemed a totally negative experience.  Without focusing on the injustice of his being in prison in the first place, he simply decided to make the experience as loving as he could – for himself and for others.


We may fear that by truly feeling ourselves to be in our right and perfect places today we are preventing ourselves from ever moving on; but just the opposite is true.  By appreciating where our path has led us today, and seeking the good in today’s circumstances, we are opening ourselves to new possibilities.


Today let us affirm that our right place is a place of perfect balance, where we give and receive, love and feel loved.  We are grateful for the gifts of this day, and eager to experience still greater good as the path unfolds from here.  Thank You, God!


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