Spirit Expressions


Like most of the arts, music has developed into an intricate science over the past century or so. Laboratories throughout the world study and evaluate the nature of sound, and the ways in which various tones relate to each other.  

And yet we don’t need a scientist to tell us whether certain tones are in harmony or dissonance. We don’t need to measure their sound waves. We simply know. There is a quality within each of us that recognizes and appreciates harmonious sound, without benefit of science.


The same is true of harmony in fields other than music — especially harmony in our relationships with each other. Books are written, seminars taught, talk shows recorded — all to scientifically measure and evaluate the ways we interact. Is that codependent?  Is this a fear-based interaction? The possibilities are endless.


But again, we do not need measurements. We can trust our inner knowing to recognize a harmonious relationship when it occurs.


Music is energy. Love is energy. We are energy. God is energy. Harmony of any kind is an expression of divine love — rich, diverse, varied in its expression and yet interacting as beauty and power.


Today I see and appreciate harmony in all my life, and I AM grateful for its power and its blessing.


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