Spirit Expressions

Always Loved, A;ways Love

  Does God love us? To properly answer that question we must start with clear definitions of the three key words: God, love and us.


Does a supreme being named God feel love or affection toward distinct beings named you and me? If not, then what do we mean when we claim God’s love in our lives – or when we grieve over its perceived absence?


God is not a being that loves; God is love. When do we feel most loved? When we can see God in expression wherever we look. To be aware of love is to know the Presence of God. To recognize the Presence of God anywhere is to know ourselves to be loved.


We are immersed in God as love as a fish is immersed in the ocean. The Presence and Power of God – the love that God is – flows within us and around us and extends into distances and dimensions more vast than we can even imagine.


To say that God loves us is to sell ourselves way short. God is eternal love, endless and always available. That love is present within you, expressing as you – it is the very Truth of your being. God and you and love are all one great ocean of power and possibility – and yet each element is distinct, with a unique role in the overall unity of all things.


God’s love is not earned, and it is never denied or withheld. It is the truth of our being, always expressing through us.


Today I choose to affirm myself as divine Love by offering it forth to others at every opportunity. Thank you, God, for the abundant love I AM..

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