Spirit Expressions


  “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4)


It’s easy to bring to mind these passionate words from the Apostle Paul when life is gifting us with wonderful surprises.  Perhaps some unexpected abundance has suddenly expressed.  Or perhaps we unexpectedly receive a gift of free time – time to appreciate the beauty of the day that might otherwise have passed unnoticed.


But Paul doesn’t tell us simply to rejoice in good times.  Anyone can do that!  No, the real work is to rejoice in the Lord always.  If challenges seem to be piling up, if fear begins to take root in the corners of our consciousness, the answer is still to rejoice in the Lord – always!


The Lord, of course, is the Christ Presence of God within us, our own spiritual Being.  Whatever adventure or confusion may be at hand, the best answer is always to focus on our own Beingness.


From that perspective we can learn lessons, appreciate growth, turn negative to positive by finding within ourselves the energy of God in which we stay centered through all events in the outer.


Today I choose to embrace today’s opportunities to experience, remember and affirm my own spiritual Being.  I dedicate that energy to the spiritual service of myself and others as I relax, breathe deep and let the day unfold.


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