Facing Egyptians

  This week’s Narrative Lectionary is focused on perhaps the defining event in Hebrew scripture, the parting of the Red Sea.  The passage is from Exodus, Chapter 14, verses 10-14 and 21-29; and it includes a clear and powerful instruction on how to bring our true spiritual Beingness into play in even our darkest challenges.

The Israelites who have just fled their Egyptian masters are facing a dark challenge indeed. Before them, the Red Sea. Behind them, the massed armies of the Pharaoh, who has changed his mind about letting the people go. The Israelites are, perhaps understandably, panic stricken; but the Lord, speaking through Moses, reassures them.

Can you relate those fearful, angry Israelites with the fearful, angry thoughts that run rampant through your mind in a time of challenge? I certainly can. But we must also recognize our ‘inner Moses’—the spiritual Beingness that stays centered through every distraction. And for us today, Moses’ clear and specific guidance still holds true.

The instructions to the Israelites are defined as three steps. Step One: “Fear not.” Hold to your spiritual Truth no matter how frightening appearances may be. Step Two: “Stand firm.” Running away is not an option; the challenge you face has an important lesson for you, and the universe has chosen the time. Step Three: “See the salvation of the Lord.” It’s the Golden Key, really: take your eyes off the problem and focus instead on the Lord. And the promise to the Israelites is a promise to you as well: “The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.”

Today I have no fear as I face my Egyptians—the challenges, major and minor, that are mine to face today. I stand firm, centered in my spiritual Beingness. In this moment I see the Presence of the divine in everything the day may hold.

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