Spirit Expressions

Precisely Balanced

Welcome to autumn! By the time you awoke Tuesday morning we were launched into a bright new season, full of promise and possibility. And Wednesday this week marks, not just a new moon, but a new year for those of the Jewish faith. Rosh Hashana begins at sundown. As we discussed at our Gathering last Sunday, it is on the equinox that we are perfectly balanced between light and dark. In addition, on each equinox the sun is seen to rise and set at true east and true west, respectively. This sense of balance and exactitude can be claimed in our individual lives as well.

I think we often fail to appreciate these two qualities. Neither is exciting or flamboyant, but both provide a solid structure for our human experience going forward. Balance recognizes that our satisfaction and happiness lie, not exclusively in either the light or the shadows, but in allowing both to express freely. And exactitude, or precision, is an important quality for the creative purpose that defines us. We must know precisely what we believe—about things both major and minor—in we are to bring them into expression.

It’s important that we appreciate these qualities. It’s equally important that we abandon any attempt to construct or enforce them in our mortal minds. Onlookers to my life have often shared the view that I need more balance in my life.   Sometimes I’ve even tried to manage that by dividing time or resources equally among various aspects of life—work, sleep, relaxation, relationship, whatever. I can’t do it. My mortal mind will not stay evenly divided! What a relief, then, to find that my true Being is always in perfect spiritual balance. I can relax. And trust. My life will then unfold with clarity and exactitude according to spiritual law.

Today I pause to feel and appreciate the balance in the universe, and the precision with which it expresses in my life as I enfold my mortal mind in the infinite love of my spiritual Being.

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