Spirit Expressions

When 'No' is 'Yes'

Once, a number of years ago, as I was anxiously waiting for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ that would dramatically change the course of my life, a friend offered me an important assurance.  ‘From the perspective of God,’ he said, ‘the answer is always ‘yes’.’  

I heard in this affirmation what I needed to hear at the time – and have needed to remember many times since.  Even if the answer was ‘no’ on the physical plane of existence, even if I were denied that which I thought I wanted, I could be absolutely sure that there was a loving ‘yes’ behind the equally loving ‘no.’  Yes, I AM unconditionally loved; no, this person who seems to represent that possibility at the moment cannot be the channel through which that love expresses.  Yes, I AM living a life of joy and abundance; no, this particular job is not the appropriate source.


It is, of course, an important truth that the Power of God is always eager to express as all of the highest good I AM willing to accept.  My limited human mind may not always recognize that highest good – and the path that will lead me to it.  But my spiritual Beingness always does.


Today I AM open to God’s great, eternal ‘Yes!’ seeking to express in my life, and I lovingly dissolve any obstacles in my mind that may be impeding the loving and affirmative Beingness of my own I AM.  

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