Spirit Expressions

That’s Insane!


‘There is no degree of difficulty in miracles.’ That’s one of the first principles any student of A Course in Miracles learns upon first opening the text. And the more I think about it, the more it seems true that there is no degree of difficulty in Spirit at all!


How could there be? We affirm that our spiritual Source has three distinct qualities: omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. It is equally present–and equally powerful—everywhere, always. Judging, comparing, establishing hierarchies of both good and evil are all the exclusive province of ego mind.


What would be the opposite of ‘miracle’? Probably ‘insanity.’ A miracle is an expression of our Oneness with our Source. Insanity is an expression of our misguided belief in separation. It follows, then, that there is also no degree of difficulty in insanity!


These thoughts occur to me as I contemplate the news of the past days. Beheadings in Syria. Spousal abuse in the NFL. Controversy over what does or does not constitute child abuse. To our ever-judging ego minds, these issues are not of equal importance. There is a degree of difficulty implicit in the very nature of the offenses.


Is there? Don’t they all stem from, and express, the very same insanity—the insane belief that anyone has the right to cause pain, humiliation or death to someone else. It doesn’t matter in Spirit if ‘the other’ is one’s child, one’s spouse, or one’s political prisoner. To take upon oneself the authority to pass judgment on another, and then carry that judgment out, is insanity. And the ego mind’s insistence that one is worse than the other is another expression of insanity.


Today I choose to be about allowing miracles to express through me at every opportunity. I trust my own spiritual Beingness to gently dissolve every insane belief that would justify my judgment of another. Today I offer and accept only love.

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