Spirit Expressions

According to Your Belief

Let’s stay with these Ten Commandments for a while.  I’m delighted to be reminded of how powerful and helpful they can be when approached from the perspective of a God of Love.  

“You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.”


When I was a child the nuns interpreted this as forbidding swearing of any kind because it really, really ticked God off.  Let’s remember Emmet Fox’s suggestion (in his book Ten Commandments) that it’s not a question of what we should or should not do.  It’s really about what we cannot do under Divine Law.


So we cannot take the name of the LORD our God in vain.  The Allness of God responds every time we call upon it—every time.  In other words, prayer always works.  We may create according to loving choices from our heart, or we may create unknowingly according to choices that come from the fear-based thoughts in ego mind.  Divine Law doesn’t evaluate or discriminate.  It responds—not to our words, but to our belief.  We may—and do—greatly complicate spiritual Truth, and our personal spiritual purpose.  But at heart, I think it’s all about recognizing that our beliefs become our experiences, and making sure that we are always believing in the ideas that come from our Beingness, our true Christ center.


Today, if challenges present themselves, I will remember to pause and be still.  I will identify the belief I am holding in mind.  I will consider if that belief is compatible with Divine Mind.  And I will be grateful for the ease with which I can change my belief, and change my day.

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