Spirit Expressions

Lest We Remember

It’s surprising how easily we allow ourselves to forget who we truly are.  We are eternal, creative spiritual Beings, one with the infinite Power that is everything.  We can easily assume this spiritual perspective to see clearly any of the limited events that make up our human experience.  Nothing is ever withheld; there are no cosmic secrets.  We have only to choose to be who, in Truth, we are, to ‘see’ with astounding spiritual clarity.
And yet, time and again, we forget.  We get caught up in the drama.  We assume the temporary to be eternal.  We find ourselves—individually or collectively—facing a crisis that, we are sure, will scar us for life.  We tell the story, over and over again—Pearl Harbor, perhaps, or the first Kennedy assassination—and we are so intent on reliving the drama that we fail to notice how our understanding has changed.  The passage of time allows us to take a step or two back—often unconsciously—and to see with our spiritual eyes.
Today is the anniversary of one such drama, one to which we have given the shortest of titles:  9/11.  Are we disrespecting those who released their human forms on 9/11/01—and on all the days since on which fear and anger have supplanted the infinite love which is our true identity?  Should we try instead to rekindle that day’s sense of outrage, so that we can use it to justify subsequent dramas? 
Certainly we continue to enfold in our infinite love all those whose lives were ended or painfully affected by 9/11.  We offer appreciation and support.  And we allow our spiritual perspective to see beyond the drama.  We do no disservice to their memories if we choose to stand firm, to see the possibility of good in even our most painful human dramas, and to be shown how we can be an agent for that good in the world today.  We don’t forget; we expand our understanding to match our spiritual nature.
Today I lovingly remember the story of 9/11, and I renew and expand my understanding of its challenging energies.  I choose to see its still-unfolding drama from the divine perspective that is my true identity and to dissolve all fear in the certainty of divine Grace. 
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