Spirit Expressions

No Secrets

  Most readers of these daily messages know of my personal passion for the Bible—not because I believe it to be the authoritative Word of God, but because I recognize it as the helpful and endlessly entertaining Word of Us. It’s the grand story, containing many smaller stories, of our spiritual path and purpose. I study the Bible, not to know more about God, but to know more about the process by which each of us—and all of us collectively—moves forward through this and many other lives, remembering the spiritual purpose we’ve forgotten and discovering how it is meant to express.


Someone recently asked me what secrets were hidden in the Bible, and was rather taken aback when my answer was, “Not a single one!” Yes, there are depths of understanding and awareness to be explored, but they are not hidden from us! What good would they be if they were? No, the greatness of the Bible is that it is open and clear, practical and profound, accessible to everyone willing to take the time to explore those depths. “He who has ears to hear,” Jesus said, “let him hear.” Of course, there are many sources of valid spiritual guidance in the world—all focused on the same universal principles of purpose and empowerment. If you don’t ‘hear’ what you seek in the Bible, you will find the same truth, phrased differently, somewhere else. What’s important is to keep looking, and then to claim the truth as you find it.


Remember, you are One with the Divine Mind of Being. How could anything be hidden from you? Who could possibly be more worthy than you of knowing all there is to know? For me, this has all been summed up in a powerful affirmation that Rev.Leona Evans shared more than 20 years ago. It is the awareness, the absolute Truth, that I invite us to take with us into this unique and wonderful day.

Today, at every challenge and in every opportunity, I remember who I AM, and I say with a smile, ’I know, I remember, and I express myself perfectly!’ Today I claim my infinite Power, and I share it with infinite Love.

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