Spirit Expressions


  It was psychologist Viktor Frankl who first suggested that the Statue of Liberty off the east coast of the United States should be balanced by a Statue of Responsibility off the west coast. (I was surprised to learn, by the way, that there is a very active campaign underway to place just such a Statue of Responsibility exactly where Frankl suggested.)

Of course, Peter Parker aka Spiderman said it best: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

You are the greatest Power in all creation—your Beingness is the very essence of God. So what does that suggest? How great must the corresponding degree of responsibility be!

That sounds like a heavy burden, but it isn’t. It simply means that we are not here in human form for no reason. We’re not here because we got lost along the way. And we’re certainly not here as punishment inflicted by an angry universe.

We are here simply to be who we are, and to use our Power responsibly by creating, choice by choice, the new, higher consciousness that Jesus taught as ‘the kingdom of heaven.’ We’ve allowed ourselves to become distracted. We’ve forgotten our Power, so the balancing responsibility would have made no sense at all.

It’s time to remember. And as we do, it’s important that we balance the intoxicating realization of Power with an equal awareness of responsibility. It is in that balance that we will create, one belief at a time, the higher consciousness that Jesus taught as ‘the kingdom of heaven.

Today is a day of perfect balance. I center myself in my infinite Beingness, and I embrace the responsibility to express that Beingness, belief by belief, as the kingdom of heaven.

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