Spirit Expressions


Many readers—those in the U.S.—are easing today into an extended holiday weekend. Although autumn doesn’t officially begin for another three weeks, Labor Day surely marks the end of the unique energy we associate with summer. This is certainly true for families with kids going back to school. And, perhaps because we’re all kids at heart, that gentle vibration of new beginnings is one we all feel as August gives way to September.  

Spiritually, we recognize the essential role of change in our unfolding personal process. The creative divinity that we truly are is never content staying in one place, no matter how comfortable that place may be. After all, we are not surrendering the joys of summer in exchange for the rigors of encroaching winter. We are opening our lives to the rich, bittersweet, perfect energies of autumn. And we can truly relax this weekend in the certainty that each and every day is unfolding perfectly, filled with wonderful opportunities for creative choices and spiritual experiences in this always friendly universe!


I AM grateful for these transformative days, and open to the gifts of each day as my life continues to unfold perfectly.

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