Spirit Expressions


Does it sometimes seem that joy is a fleeting state of consciousness, one that must be worked for with great vigor and determination? Does joy seem like a distant good, with a minefield of need and challenges lying before it?  

Joy is, I think, simply a realization in a single moment of the truth of who we are and how this friendly universe works. It is a realization of love. And the love often comes   from unexpected sources


Joy can only be absolute when all the world is living in awareness of spiritual truth. That is the kingdom of heaven which Jesus urged us to claim as our rightful inheritance. We haven’t made it yet, but we’re closer than ever before. And each moment we allow ourselves to feel the joy of God’s energy expressing everywhere, we move forward in consciousness to the kingdom of heaven.


Today, I choose to allow joy to enfold me as God’s love expresses in and through me in surprising ways. Thank You, God.

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