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Sitting in the Silence has always been an essential part of Unity’s spiritual path, from our very earliest days. We know that the Presence and Power of God can best be felt in the Silence, the stillness. We do not need words, sounds, visions or lights. These are fine, but they are simply manifestations of power. The Silence is Power itself. We sit in the Presence of God, immersed in God within us and around us, and there is nothing more we need.  

There is a five-step path into and out of the Silence that forms the basis for our most powerful meditative work. It begins with Relaxation, releasing the cares and stress of our lives, bringing our focus into the present moment.


The second step is Meditation. Repeating a simple affirmation, Bible phrase, or any simple mantra will help to gather and center our scattered thoughts.


Concentration is the third step. We move past the stilled mind to the place in heart, the place in consciousness where we can know our oneness with God.


Realization, the fourth step, may last a moment or longer. It is the perfect power of Silence and stillness. It is the fully focused Presence of God.


The final, essential step is Thanksgiving. We never fail to feel and express our appreciation for the guidance, energy and peace of the Silence experience.


Today, let us give thanks for the Presence of God in the Silence, and for our growing comfort in the Power, Peace and Possibility of that Presence. Thank you, God!

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