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One of the most important lessons I am currently learning involves the way in which I claim and express the Presence and Power of God within me.  

Our old way of thinking guided us to turn to the Indwelling Presence of God when we experienced lack in our lives, or when we felt sick. We would ask God to fill the lack with abundance, or replace the sickness with health.


It often worked, because we had learned to apply the considerable power of our mind to the task at hand. But the solution was never solid, because it was built on a perception of negative energy. We had to maintain constant vigil to keep the manifest good in place, all the while wrestling with the fear that it would leave.


Today we are ready for a new understanding. We begin with a deep sense of appreciation for all the good already manifesting in our lives, and for the wonderful ways in which our physical bodies work and serve us. Appreciation is a powerful energy of increase. Soon the appreciated wholeness is expressing even where there had been an appearance of illness. Appreciated abundance is dissolving the illusion of lack.


And where do we find this positive energy of appreciation? In our hearts. We focus on the power of the heart, and we release it as love and deep appreciation to flow through us into our own lives and into the world around us. Thank You, God.

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