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I was being x-rayed this morning as a part of a check-up centered on my aging left knee and hip. The technician was moving and shifting my body to get the angles she needed. Eager to be a model patient, I tried to anticipate what she wanted and move on the table accordingly. “Mr. Townley,” the technician said impatiently, “please stop trying to help.”  

Hmm. Stop trying to help. I could almost feel my spirit guides high-fiving each other, hoping that this time I might just get the message. For my spiritual Being has lovingly directed those very same words to my ego mind on many, many occasions. Stop trying to help.


How often have I been certain I could see the next steps Spirit intended for me, and rushed to ‘help’ make them happen only to discover that in fact Spirit had a different – and better! – plan. My ego mind’s first response to Spirit’s guidance is usually obstruction. Another response, however, is to rush ahead of Spirit, eager to seize credit for any good that might express. My Being invites me to relax in full faith that I will be gently guided to whatever role my ego mind and human body may play in this creative process.


I relax my ego mind and allow my spiritual Being to guide me through this day. I will know what is mine to do in every moment. And I will know that my Being is leading me to more joy, love and abundance than I can even imagine.

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