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When David, the great king of Israel, violates his own sense of spiritual values by causing the death of Bathsheba's husband, he recognizes God's punishment in the fact that his and Bathsheba’s son is born sickly. Today we would not necessarily talk in terms of a punishing God, but simply in terms of God as Law. If we create out of a negative energy, instead of love, the results will be challenging.  

David grieves greatly over the dying child. He wears sackcloth and ashes, refuses to sleep or eat, and roams the palace until his staff fear for his sanity. When the child finally dies, the servants are afraid to even tell David, for fear of his response.


But when he is finally told, David astonishes them all by washing, dressing, eating and resuming his duties. His staff timidly challenges him, feeling that bereft as he was while the child was ill, he should be twice as grief-stricken now that his is dead.


‘Not at all’, David replies in essence. ‘When there was a chance my prayers and penance might do some good, I was happy to continue them. But now it’s time to accept God's will and get on with life.’


We read in Ecclesiastes that to everything there is a season. There are times when it is appropriate to focus on our problem, to study what we might do to dissolve its negative energy. But there is also a time to get on with life - to put the problem or the mistake behind us and move on.


How can we tell the difference?. The great teacher and metaphysician Emmet Fox defined it 60 years ago in his historic pamphlet, The Golden Key. Stop thinking about the problem, he said, and focus totally the simple and overwhelming fact of God! Leave the mental gymnastics of blame and anxiety, and find in your heart the perfect guidance with God.


Today, I relinquish blame, guilt and worry. I focus and affirm my Oneness with the Presence and Power of God within me, and I await guidance on my next step in love, faith, and transformation. Thank You, God!



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