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Many of us at different times have decided that we need to maintain a sense of balance in our lives - balance between work and play, between heart and head, between sacrifice and selfishness. Afraid of tilting too far in one direction or another, we struggle mightily to maintain balance. Sometimes we may briefly succeed at achieving that sense of balance, but it doesn’t last - because it’s not really ours to achieve.  

Balance is a state of equilibrium between opposing forces. It is achieved by giving equal weight to each of two or more energies.


But there are not two valid energies in all of creation. There is only one - God the Good, Omnipotent. With only one power, there is no question of balance. There is only commitment. That is why Jesus warned that man cannot serve two masters. Not because balance is difficult, but because it doesn’t exist. We must let our eye be single - we must commit wholeheartedly to the only Truth there is.


The spiritual focus of A Course in Miracles teaches that everything ultimately comes down to either fear or love, and fear and love cannot co-exist. There is no balance to be sought. Love is letting go of fear, the Course tells us. The Bible advises that perfect love casteth out fear.


Today I abandon my attempts to maintain balance in my life. I fully embrace the Presence and Power of God within me as my only Source for guidance, and I give thanks for the joy and abundance that are mine as a result.

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