Will God forgive us for our sins? No, not really. One of the most startling points made in the spiritual guide A Course in Miracles is this: God does not forgive.


Why not? Are we turning back to an ancient belief in an angry and punishing God? No – in fact, just the opposite.


The truth is that God does not forgive because the Power of God sees nothing to forgive. From God’s perspective we are as we were – perfect expressions of the perfect Love that is God. From this perspective, our error choices are simply tentative, stumbling baby steps as we learn how to claim and express our spiritual powers. You would not ‘forgive’ a child for stumbling as he or she learns to walk. You would offer love and support, recognizing that stumbles and falls are an inevitable part of progress.


The God perspective within us recognizes only love. The challenge and opportunity of our own spiritual progress is that we can see each other from that perspective whenever we choose – by turning to, and trusting, the Divine within us.


If we can recognize that each of us is doing our best to walk without stumbling, to love without fear, then we can see as God sees, that there is nothing to forgive.


Today, as resentments or judgments threaten to take charge in my mind, I choose to remember to choose to the perspective of God, and to see only love expressing in a friendly universe. Thank you, God!

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