My friend Sean collects lighthouses. Not actual lighthouses, of course—although given the opportunity, I’m sure he’d be happy to make it happen. He collects images of lighthouses. Has for years. Doesn’t know why—he just likes them.  

Well, of course, my metaphysically tuned mind can’t just let that go. It wants to go deeper. And why not! The unexamined life is not worth living, right? So I sat for a while with my mind focused on lighthouse. A beam of light, shining in the dark. Rotating according to a regular rhythm. Reliable. Helpful. Non-judgmental. A lighthouse doesn’t decide who deserves to receive its guidance. It doesn’t care if you use its light or ignore it. It shines. It allows you—if you choose—to orient yourself by referencing its beam.


In so many ways Sean is a lighthouse. So am I. So are you. It is our business to be the light. And that’s it. That’s all. That’s everything. It’s not my business to judge the ships as they pass, to withhold my light from those my mind says don’t deserve it. Or wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. It’s not my business to focus my light exclusively on those I want to attract, and ignore the other ships who may need the light for reference. My business is to be the light—and to happily do the cleaning and clearing necessary to keep it shining bright.


Today I AM a lighthouse. I know that my light is shining brightly, even if I can’t see it myself. Everyone who passes is a ship that may—or may not—choose to respond in some way to my light. They are not my business. My business is to be the light I AM.




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