Some of you—and I love hearing from you, BTW—expressed some concern about yesterday’s message. In that message I quoted Byron Katie to the effect that all the thoughts in my mind are concerned with one of three things: God’s business, your business or my business. In this friendly universe I receive each day all the energy and love I could ever need to joyfully and completely accomplish my business—that which is mine to do today. If I redirect that energy by trying to judge your business or God’s, I need to recognize that I am ignoring my business in the process.


The question that has been addressed to me is basically this: Aren’t you returning to a separation between big GOD out there and little me down here? The answer is no. The answer is yes. The answer is no again. (I told you these ideas were simple; I didn’t say they were easy.)


I am One with God. You are One with God. We are God expressing as us. But that doesn’t mean we are all God is. God is that energy that is beyond all limits, including the limit of definition. The second we declare that God is something, we are declaring that there is something God is not.


If we think of the Divine as an ocean with no shores, then the God I am is a ripple in that ocean, containing all the power, all the love, all the creative possibility of the entire ocean in a slightly more specific way. That ripple I am has specific possibilities to explore and accomplish in this moment that will affect the totality of the ocean. And the ocean has a perspective and purpose that may not be entirely clear to this particular ripple in this particular moment. My business, God’s business. Ripple business, ocean business.


Today I experience myself as a powerful, purposeful ripple in the endless ocean that is God. I set about my business with joy and an open heart, knowing that I AM expressing the entire ocean with every personal choice.


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