We noted yesterday that some of the most astute and helpful spiritual realizations we may discover as our path unfolds are, in fact, amazingly simple. Like ‘I live in a friendly universe,’ which is transforming my life on a daily basis since my return from the Byron Katie School in Germany.


Here’s another crystal of Truth that Katie shared last week that is both simple and profoundly helpful. “There are only three types of business in the universe,” she reported. “There’s God’s business, there’s my business and there’s your business.”


It’s amazing how much personal energy I can save and refocus by simply taking a moment to recognize which business is presenting in my life. if I am expending a lot of energy judging your business, or stewing over some major issue that is, in fact, God’s business and outside my control, I find I have little energy left to devote to that which is, in fact, my business.


Am I anxious about some condition in the world? I can greatly relieve that anxiety by recognizing that I’m messing in God’s business. I may have a role to play in healing that condition—that may be my business—but I can relax my anxiety about the bigger picture. That’s God’s business. I may have strong opinions about what you should or should not be doing, I am tromping through your business. It doesn’t affect you, and it depletes the energy I have for my business.


I AM grateful that I have abundant energy to carry out everything that is my business today. I choose not to waste any of that energy on your business, or on God’s.

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