I’m delighted to be back with the Daily Focus family (and grateful to Terrie Waitt for stepping up so beautifully in my absence). As some of you know, I’ve been in Germany, attending Byron Katie’s School of The Work. I am very grateful for the rich, powerful experience it proved to be. And I’m happy to be back, discovering how The Work expresses in my life and ministry. Have you noticed that many of the most profound spiritual realizations you’ve heard or discovered are, in fact, so simple that you feel almost embarrassed that you didn’t already know it? Byron Katie’s The Work is filled with such amazing simplicities. I’m eager to share a few in days to come.

Here’s one that has proved truly transformative in the days since I left The School. You might call it an affirmation, but ‘affirmation’ suggests to me that it’s my stating it that makes it so. In fact, it’s a Truth that is so whether I believe it or not. And it’s not a new awareness that I have to learn. It’s eternal Truth that I am blessed to remember. Here it is:

I live in a friendly universe.

Too simple? Too obvious? Too—I don’t know—too boring? OK, fine. I invite you to move through just one day remembering in the face of every challenge, on the cusp of every choice, the absolute Truth that you live in a friendly universe. ‘They’ are not out to get you. God is not out to get you. There is nothing to fear. You live in a friendly universe.


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