Helplessness is a very uncomfortable feeling – and it is a feeling we may well find ourselves experiencing in surprising ways as we continue on our spiritual paths.  

Oh, we are less and less likely to feel helpless about ourselves. As we progress in awareness and willingness, we quietly begin to discover new depths of power with us. We are still challenged on a daily basis, of course. But we can no longer feel helpless and victimized with the Power of God expressing through us.


But with regard to others in our lives, we can often still feel helpless indeed. Like a parent sending a child off to school for the first time, we are all too aware of the challenges and pain that may lie ahead. So, too, when we see any loved one failing to recognize or choose spiritual possibilities for themselves, choosing instead to rely on old attitudes or their own limited intellectual understanding. Having been there ourselves, we want to intercede, to save them time and anguish by telling them (lovingly of course!) what they should do next. But we cannot interfere with lessons they must learn, and choices they must make, for themselves. We feel helpless.


We are actually not helpless – far from it. We cannot, perhaps, reach out mind to mind. We can’t persuade them of the spiritual futility of a ‘logical’ choice they are about to make. But we can easily reach out heart to heart, extending love and protection at a very deep level. How? The power of prayer. When we enfold another in our prayer energy, we are changing consciousness. We are recognizing and freeing their own Christ energy to effect any healing that may be needed. With the help of our prayers our loved ones find within themselves the power they need.


Today I enfold my loved ones in an energy of unconditional love. I see them all as the spiritual expressions of the Christ they truly are, and I bless them as their own spiritual paths continue to unfold. Thank you, God, for the healing power of praying for others.

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