We’re told in the Hebrew Bible that when Solomon became king after the death of his father David, the Lord of his being spoke to him in a dream. “Ask,” said the Lord. “Ask what I shall give you.”  

This may sound like an Arabian Nights fantasy, but it surely is not. The Lord of your being is always asking you the same question: What shall I give you?” What’s more, you always answer; and your request is always honored.


The Christ, the Lord of our being, creates through us according to where we have placed our focus. Too often our focus is on lack, or fear, or disease, or on accumulations of outer effects rather than the solid satisfaction of inner knowing. The result is a confusing jumble of problems and stop-gap solutions which only serve to affirm within us a sense of chaos and uncertainty.


Solomon, however, was aware of his own needs, and those of the nation he was beginning to rule. He did not ask for wealth or power. He simply asked for ‘an understanding heart.’


The young king received an understanding heart, of course – he is still known today for his heart-centered wisdom. But we are told that the Lord also gave him the riches and power he might have asked for – might have made a priority – but did not. Jesus echoed the lesson of Solomon centuries later, when he taught us that if we ‘seek first the kingdom and its righteousness’ everything else we might want will be added to us.


Seeking the kingdom and seeking an understanding heart are really the same thing. Both choices make a priority of our spiritual identity, and spiritual purpose. Everything else falls joyfully into place – nothing is denied us – so long as that priority remains clear.


Today I am open to the guidance of my understanding heart. I know that with this proper focus, all good will be mine to enjoy. Thank you, God, for the gift of an understanding heart.

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