“God is not a power over evil, and we have no power over evil.” This is a typically surprising statement from Joel Goldsmith, the great metaphysical teacher who loved to state his convictions in a way guaranteed to shock. “God is not a power over evil,” he writes in Realization of Oneness.


“To believe that God is a power over evil,” he adds, “is to believe that evil has an existence. And then we either must believe God to be the cause and creator of evil, or we must accept another cause or creator; and the acceptance of any other cause or creator does away with Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence. We must have only one Creator, and that one without capacity for evil of any kind. Then we do not need to have power over sin, disease or death because these have no existence in God, and if they do not exist in God they do not exist.”


Goldsmith irritates and upsets me often, and I am deeply grateful for such an absolutist – for a master teacher willing to hold firmly to Truth in the face of all illusion. Many more orthodox religious writers see the great drama of life as either succumbing to or overcoming the lure of evil. It is a deeply important shift of focus to see that evil has no reality, and the great drama of life is to see past the illusion of evil to the Truth of God’s good -- imperfectly expressing because we are still imperfect creative partners, failing to properly exercise the creative potential within us.


Today I affirm the kingdom of heaven is at hand, and I see everywhere the Absolute of God as goodness, God as love. God as abundance and perfect health. Every other appearance is but a shadow. Thank you, God!

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