The noted theologian Matthew Fox writes of a Native American tribe in which the people believed that their primary purpose, each and every day, was to help the sun to accomplish its journey across the sky.  This spiritual imperative added an incredibly rich dimension to all of each day’s activities, making each person’s participation in all the day’s events an essential part of the whole.  

Our spiritual understanding in Unity is not so very different, really.  We, too, understand that, as we are told in the spiritual guide known as A Course in Miracles, God is incomplete without each one of us.  Through the Christ Presence within us, God is indeed expressing as each of us today.  Whatever we do, whether work or recreation, alone or with others, we do as an integral part of a spiritual whole.


When we lose sight of the spiritual dimension of the day, we trivialize our very existence.  Life becomes tedious, and as a result our focus shifts to remembered or imagined pleasures of the past or future.


We must regain a sense of our spiritual identity – not as an intellectual concept, but as the very heart of every experience, every choice, every encounter.


Today let us remember, and celebrate in all that we do, that each of us is God experiencing today as us.  We cannot be bored or exploited, because everything the day contains resonates with spiritual purpose and possibility.  Thank you, God!


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