How much time have we spent searching for spiritual secrets, looking for helpful hints that will enable us to move more gracefully through the experience of being human!  

We tend to assume that the really important secrets must be very complicated; but in fact, many are almost embarrassingly obvious.  Here’s a helpful hint that eluded me for many years:  We cannot give away what we do not have.


‘Well, fine, but so what?’ you might reasonably ask. ‘Where’s the spiritual significance?’


In fact, I think the whole miracle of prayer – especially praying for others – is contained in that simple statement.  We cannot give away what we do not have.


If I want to send someone an energy of love, or healing, or abundance, then I must already have that love or healing or abundance within me.  If I didn’t, I couldn’t give it away.


The corollary truth is equally as clear and exciting.  If I feel lack in me in any of these areas, there is now something I can do.  I can send love to others, knowing that my willingness to give ensures – guarantees – that I will feel that love, that Presence, in me before I send it onward.  By my willingness to be a channel, I become a recipient as well.  In praying for others, I bless them and myself at the same time.


Today I shift my focus from what I think I need to what I have to give, knowing that as a channel for the abundance of God I am enriched.  Thank you, God!


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