“God is Spirit,” Emily Cady writes in Lessons in Truth, “or the creative energy that is the cause of all visible things.”  Dr. Cady is, of course, echoing Jesus, who told the Samaritan woman at the well, “God is Spirit.”  

How does this creative energy that we call God express forth into visibility?  Through the great creative process of Mind-Idea-Expression.  Nothing in our human experience more clearly expresses the Presence and Power of God than the creative process as it works through the agency of our own spiritual consciousness.


Whether that creative energy is used to fashion a beautiful work of art, solve a mathematical challenge, cook a nourishing meal or interview successfully for a needed job, the process is the same in each case.  From the fertile ground of all possibility, the most appropriate is chosen and brought forth through the workings of mind into physical expression.  In every case it is the awesome, quintessentially spiritual process that affirms again and again our Oneness with the Source we call God.


Today I choose to see every experience as an expression of the creative process working through me.  Thank you, God!

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