It may not always seem that things are getting simpler as we grow in spiritual awareness, but in fact they are.  We can still choose to experience life as a complicated series of intricate challenges – and if that is our choice, that will be our experience.  

But as a result of our conscious spiritual unfoldment, another choice presents itself.  We can choose to allow only God’s will to express in our lives – not out of a sense of sacrificing our own will, but out of a clear recognition that God’s will for us and our own will for ourselves are one and the same.  The Power of God is a Power devoted to our highest and greatest good in all things.  What more could we possibly want for ourselves?  And since that Power certainly knows more of ‘good’ than we do, why would we not simply allow that Power to lead us forward?


Once that commitment is made, we can relax, knowing that we are where we’re meant to be, experiencing what we’re meant to experience, guided clearly, joyfully and lovingly every step of the way.  And yes, as challenges inevitably arise, we can relax in the certainty that they are our challenges, opportunities to create even greater good.


The externals of my life may sometimes still seem chaotic, but I am centered and at peace, knowing that in surrendering to the Power of God, I am always where I’m meant to be.  Thank you, God!


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