God’s in charge.  It’s a statement we tend to use – if at all – whenever a situation seems to be out of our own control – and leading in a direction we might not personally choose.  We shrug and say ‘God is in charge.’  

But what does that mean?  Is it that a super spiritual being named God is running our lives with some celestial remote control?  Are we nothing more than puppets dangling to divine manipulation?


No, affirming that God is in charge is not intended to be a way of giving up responsibility for the working of our own lives.  It is rather an affirmation that we are choosing to experience the day, or face the challenge, from the perspective of God expressing as us.  It is the Presence of God as us that is in charge, when we choose to allow that to be true.


God is not a Power forced upon us, but a Presence deep within us.  God is available to us to fill all the challenges and opportunities of the day with the clarity of divine light and understanding.  The choice to access that clarity is ours.


At this moment I affirm that the Presence of God as me is the driving force of my life.  I relax, let go and let God express in my life through me.  Thank you, God!


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