No one could look at an acorn and see a full and perfect oak tree.  None of the qualities we most associate with oak trees – majesty, strength, beauty, shade and shape – are visible in a tiny brown acorn.  It is much easier to notice all the ways in which the acorn falls short of the oak tree’s lofty reality.  

And yet we know scientifically that everything the oak tree is to become is contained within that acorn.  The perfection of a massive oak is easy to visualize.  But the acorn is no less perfect.  It is a perfect expression at its own level of being.  And it is perfectly moving toward its ultimate appearance and purpose as a mighty oak.


Like that acorn, we are each perfect today at our present level of spiritual unfoldment.  We are moving toward a full expression of the Christ Potential of God within us.  Just as all that the oak tree will ever be is contained in the tiny acorn, so is all of God’s Presence and Power contained in our present consciousness, waiting for full expression.


Today I know and am grateful that God’s perfect Love and Abundance are fully present within me now.  Thank you, God!


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