“God is my help in every need.  God does my every hunger feed.”


This affirmation from the writings of Hannah More Kohaus represents the central focus for all our prayer work – whether for ourselves or others.


By placing others in God’s care, we are relinquishing the temptation to take charge ourselves, to diagnose problems or impose solutions from our own limited human perspective.


Releasing to God may not be the end of our involvement, however.  The omnipresent Power of God may express in many ways, through many avenues.  And we, ourselves, are always one avenue of possible God expression – especially when we are working in prayer, open to divine energy moving through us.


It is good always to affirm the Presence of God, and call upon the Power of God, for ourselves and for others.  It’s also important to remember that the Presence and Power may well express as me.  The result may be that I appear to be a source for whatever love, healing or abundance needs to express.  I am not the source, of course.  The Presence of God within me is the Source, and I am blessed to be the channel.


Today I am ready to be the means through which God expresses, in my own life and in the lives of those around me.  I am open.  I am willing.  I am grateful.  Thank you, God.


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