Closing the Circuit

‘Prayer’ and ‘meditation’ are two words we tend to use almost interchangeably to describe our efforts to stay in communication with the Presence and Power of God.  But sometimes, especially if we’re feeling very stuck, it can be useful to separate them and consider what each word means.  

Prayer is talking to God.  In Unity we concentrate on affirmative prayer, in which we do not ask God for good that is being withheld.  We affirm that all the Good that God is is already available to us.  God’s guidance in bringing that Good forth into expression and experience is also available to us anytime we call it forth – which is what we do in times of prayer.


Meditation, on the other hand, completes the communication process.  In meditation we listen in silence for the still, small voice within, offering the guidance we’ve called for in prayer.  Or we simply sit in the silence, feeling and claiming a Oneness that is deeper and truer than words could express.  More and more I find the result of meditation to be a sense of utter joy and love.  It cannot be defined in words, and it has no outer source or focus.  It bubbles up from deep within me from no discernible source, and for no particular reason.  It simply is.  And then it’s gone, but its effects will be felt throughout the day.


Today I remember to allow God to complete the circuit of spiritual communication within me.  I open my mind to words and images, and my heart to love and joy, and I become an open channel through which divine energy flows into the world, blessing and enriching me as it moves through me.  Thank you, God!


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