“There is an unseen order I do not understand,” wrote Unity poet James Dillet Freeman, “a higher wisdom and a love, and I am in its hand.”


How important it is to my sense of spiritual centeredness that I allow these words to be true for me today.  My life may seem busy to the point of chaos, or quiet to the point of boring.  It may seem to me that too much is being asked of me, or that too little is happening.  In truth, however – from the perception of God – everything is exactly as it needs to be.


We may be taking important actions today.  Or we may be resting, saving our energy for challenges yet to come.  We may not even know whether it is to be a day of action or a day of rest, since we are easily confused about events in our own lives.


Fortunately, my active and anxious mind is not the ultimate authority.  There is an unseen order we do not understand, a higher wisdom and a love, and we are in its hand.


Today let us joyfully surrender to the ‘unseen order’ that is the Presence and Power of God.  Let us relax in its wisdom and love, and give thanks for the day that unfolds as a result.  Thank you, God!


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